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What is Raindrop Therapy Dallas Fort Worth?

     Raindrop therapy is a combination oil application and techniques used by the Lakota Indians. It is designed to bring the body into balance, help align the energy centers of the body and release blockages. Drops of essential oil fall like rain onto the back. After each new oil is applied, it is smoothed and fanned over the nerves.

     "It has typically been used to help straighten spinal curvatures and to fight against viruses. It has been discovered that many viruses lie dormant along the spine, including the virus that causes scoliosis. The Raindrop Therapy is a mild and non-intrusive application of a combination of several techniques that have proven to be effective from a small degree, to what would appear to be miraculous. I have never seen it fail, and have been surprised by many unexpected and fruitful results. Of course, this cannot be taken to mean that it will always work." D. Gary Young N.D., excerpt from his book Aromatherapy The Essential Beginning.

     Raindrop Therapy may be especially beneficial for back problems such as scoliosis, deteriorated disks and compression. The oils may continue to work in the body for about 5 to 7 days after a treatment, with continued realignment taking place during this time.

     The combination of the Raindrop techniques,
Reiki, acupressure and massage makes this a power healing therapy, which allows the physical system to achieve a deep state of relaxation, thus enabling one to find that inner peace where healing can occur. I have found it to be of benefit for a wide variety of physical symptoms.

     Only 100% pure grade A essential oils are used for this therapy. A minimum of 9 oils are used in addition to special massage oils. If certain systems of the body need work, additional blends and singles are used with the Vita Flex technique and
Reiki on the spine.


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