Heart Centered Holistic Healer - Dr. Stephen Duncan, D.CH.

Heart Centered Holistic Healer

 Dr. Stephen Duncan, D.CH.

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Heart Centered Holistic Healer - Dr. Stephen Duncan, D.CH.

About Dr. Stephen Duncan

Dr. Stephen has been practicing in the healing arts profession since 1984. His Plano alternative healing services include: Ozone Therapy; Nutritional Assessments; Rife Therapy; Ionic Detoxification; Herbal medicine and Homeopathy.


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The union of Mind, Body and Spirit play an essential role in one's overall Health and Wellness, and it is to this end that Stephen's evaluation sets him aside from all others. His dedication to assisting his clients to achieve their highest potential in Whole body Health and Wellness remains his primary focus.

Dr. Stephen is dedicated to the Holistic philosophy of integrated Healing, encompassing the Mind, Body and Spiritual dimensions of health. In his Plano location, he offers the latest and most state of art approaches to assist his clients in achieving their individual health goals while providing a clean, safe environment. His approach is all natural and organic. Your visit will be an enjoyable one whether its for relaxation or ongoing for chronic imbalances. He will find and develop a health program that best suits your needs.

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