Services and Rates

Services and Rates

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Oxytherapy Steam
(# of sessions is determined by your desired level of cleansing)


Eliminates anaerobic viruses and bacteria, protozoa, yeast, fungus & molds; cleans and detoxifies; aids mental clarity; improves circulation and speeds up metabolic processes resulting in a 200-450 calorie loss per session.

$40.00 per session
RIFE Therapy
$45.00 per session

Ionic Detoxification

(# of sessions needed is determined by your desired level of cleansing.)

$45.00 per session

Nutritional Assessment


Live Blood Analysis – LBA (Live Blood Analysis) is a simple, safe natural method of analyzing the body’s structural, metabolic and nutritional needs. It is not a method of diagnosis. It is a means by which a practitioner uses the body’s Biological Terrain to accurately determine the root cause of a health problem. The client is able to view their blood in the live setting to better understand their personal imbalances.

Hair Analysis – Hair analysis is excellent for assessing some nutritional needs. The test helps one create a metabolic blueprint of the state of body chemistry. It is then possible to recommend with some accuracy diet, lifestyle changes and supplements that may lead to dramatic improvements in health and well-being.

$275.00 (supplements not included)

Blood Typing