Body Works Massage and Oxygen Spa

About Body Works

Body Works Massage and Oxygen Spa is located at:

9205 Skillman #115,
Dallas, Texas

By Appointment Only: Call 214-342-5651
or Toll Free 877-891-5651
(voice mail after 5th ring)
Evenings and Weekends Available


Stephen provides the ultimate massage combining swedish; shiatsu; triggerpoint and Reiki. This is an energy driven experience that brings together the union of spirituality and sensuality harmonizing all aspects of your being. Various spa treatments are available as well. Oxygen/Ozone steam therapy and other modalities of Ozone therapy are available for the ultimate experience in holistic healing and cleansing available today.

Using nothing but the state of the art equipment while providing a clean safe environment, your visit will be an enjoyable one!

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